Freezing is simply nature’s pause button, nothing more, nothing less. Freezing is a natural way to lock in the freshness and nutrition of your favorite foods.

A ground breaking new study from the University of Georgia, commissioned by the Frozen Food Foundation, compared the nutrient content of eight commonly purchased frozen and fresh-stored vegetables – blueberries, strawberries, corn, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, green peas and spinach.

The results of this unique “market basket” study conclusively demonstrate that frozen fruits and vegetables are nutritionally equal to – and in many cases superior to – their fresh counterparts. For more on how “nature’s pause button” stacked up, visit

We are leading frozen food makers and retailers who have come together to tell simple truths about the quality, variety and healthfulness of frozen foods. We want shoppers to know that the foods prepared in our kitchens are the same as foods prepared in your kitchens.

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People’s tastes may vary, but we all agree that fresh is fantastic. It may surprise you to know that we couldn’t agree more. Keeping food fresh is what freezing is all about; after all, cold is nature’s pause button.

Freezing pauses inspired recipes and fine ingredients at the peak of perfection and suspends them there until the moment you’re ready to enjoy them. Freezing is how fresh stays fresh.

Registered dietitian, Keri Glassman, explains that freezing is how fresh food stays fresh on ABC’s The View. Click here to watch!

Download her tips!

Consumers urged to take a fresh look at frozen foods

  • Frozen food makers launch national education effort (Associated Press)
  • Frozen foods provide wholesome meals throughout the day that fit every person's lifestyle without compromising taste or quality

Frozen Food Makers Unite to Engage Consumers With New Campaign

Studies Show Freezing Packs in Nutrients

  • Top chefs use frozen fruits and veggies, which can be more nutritious than fresh. (Yahoo! Food)
  • Fresh fruits, veggies don't always beat frozen (SFGate)
  • Frozen produce may retain vitamins better than fresh stored: Study (Food Navigator)

New Research Emphasizes Frozen Meals’ Play Important Role in Healthy Eating

  • Unexpected nutrition research findings to make healthy eating easier (Market Wired)
  • Frozen-meal eaters get more vegetables including greens, beans and whole grains (EurekAlert)

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