What are the best foods to freeze

Freezing is a great way of preserving the food you’ve bought for later use/consumption and hence saves time and money. Generally, frozen foods are great because they retain their vitamins and minerals by locking them in when frozen. There’s also no change to their carbohydrate, protein and fat content.

Of course, when it comes to freezing, different types of foods need different preparation before being placed in the freezer. Not every food is a good fit. It is a fact that some foods will thrive when frozen while others will suffer from flavor depletion and textural changes. There are foods that freeze well while others don’t freeze well under any circumstances. For example, foods with high moisture content such as watermelon, cucumbers and oranges don’t freeze well and can come out horribly.

Best foods to freeze

Cake – You may not expect this to be freezer friendly but it’s actually a natural fit and would stay fresh there. A lot of people know about you can use the freezer to preserve dough and frosting before assembly but do you know that you can also put an assembled layer cake in the refrigerator? Not only would it retain its shape and texture but also its flavor! You can bake your cake, frost the entire layer cake if you prefer and put it into a refrigerator up to a month. Simply put the whole cake in the freezer until its frozen and then wrap it in plastic and aluminum foil to keep from absorbing the freezer’s smell.

Banana and zucchini bread – Usually, any yeast-based bread could have a compromised texture-thaw when frozen and defrosted but with variants like banana and zucchini bread, the bread is pretty much risk-free and taste great. This is because, these two are usually really moist and don’t have the texture of the usual yeast breads, they are less likely to dry/get hard during the defrosting period. Before freezing, it is recommended to slice them into thin slices and wrap them in a parchment paper instead of just putting the whole loaf into the freezer. When you want to eat it, just defrost at room temperature and warm it in the oven.

Braised food – These foods are usually one of the most freezer friendly foods because of their natural resistance to freezer burn. You may be put off from making them due to the braising process being time-consuming but trust me, this will be worth the investment to get freezer safe foods that you can eat later. They are protected from freezer burn since they’re stored/frozen in their juices/gravy. It is recommended to put the braised foods in the refrigerator a few days before you want to eat to allow proper thawing. This would be great for its overall texture and flavor.

Bagels – Bagels freeze brilliantly and comes out great but only if you know how to store and defrost them correctly. The best way to store them is to wrap each bagel in a plastic wrap, put them into a sealable freezer bags and then freeze them. To defrost, remove them from the wrap, wrap them in a piece of cloth/kitchen towel and microwave them for about 40 seconds to 1 minute up until they’re soft and the middle isn’t frozen.

Pasta Sauces – These store very well on their own when put in the freezer. Simply divide into 4 servings when freezing and thaw overnight in the fridge.

Fruits – All fruits can be frozen and the end result would still be great. When properly stored, they can last up to a year in the freezer. Before freezing, make sure to wash them properly, dry and then divide into easy portions. This way, you can take a portion of it without worrying about the whole bag. Flash freezing is additionally helpful in this case to prevent fruits from sticking together when frozen.

Meats – All meats can be frozen, whether cooked or uncooked. To freeze, remove the meat from the store bag and put it into a freezer bag or just package it with a food saver. When you’re ready to eat, thaw in the refrigerator. This is the best method of thawing your meat because you can also go back to refreeze the raw meat if you don’t need it. In other methods, this is not possible. You first need to cook the meat in order to refreeze it. A good practice to follow Is by cooking the meat, package in portions and then freeze them.

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