As people’s perception of frozen foods becomes more and more positive, the frozen meal market is rapidly growing and is expected to be the second-largest market segment having a global revenue of USD 120.3 Bn by 2023 and a CAGR of 3.3%.

This growth can be attributed to convenience, availability of various cuisine options, and overall efficiency. Freezing is very important in preserving the overall food quality and texture. There’s also the fact that most people have little to no time for cooking and grocery shopping due to various hectic lifestyles. Because of all this, there’s been a continuing growth of Frozen Food Companies.

As many people cook their frozen food in the microwave for a quick easy meal, manufacturers have developed packages that go straight from the freezer to the microwave.

Here are the top 3 frozen food manufacturers


This US food giant was founded in 1866 and the headquarters is found in Minneapolis, US. They are a multinational food and beverage corporation that operates in over 100 countries with more than 100 brands. Their main aim is to make delicious food that the world loves and they do this by investing in a frozen-food facility manufacturing product. This dedication urges connection and trust with consumers, and the general idea of service builds this amazing engagement with employees.

General Mills focuses on the consumer in a Consumer First strategy. Basically, this means striving to understand wholly all the requirements and lives of customers and speedily going to meet those requirements with a whole set of broad portfolios of brands.

They market many well-known north American brand like Gold Medal flour, Annie’s Homegrown, Betty Crocker, Colombo etc.

The company produces a variety of frozen food products across its many brand. However, the main frozen food product includes:

  • Frozen dough
  • Ice cream
  • Vegetables
  • Snacks
  • Desserts.



Conagra is a company that was formed in 1919 by Frank Little and Alva Kinney and believes everyone has a right to healthy and nutritious food. This dedication isn’t seen in many companies, as food insecurity lives in every division. The Conagra Brands Foundation uses a technique of engaging with their employees, associating with leading local and national nonprofits all to make an impression and raise awareness of food insecurity. Moreover, they inspire others to create a world where people have access to the food they need or want to reach their full potential and be happy.

They are also an honoree of The Civic 50 which is the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer services and work to recognize the 50 most community-minded companies in the nation.

The international nonprofit, nonpartisan organization takes the initiative to show how the companies use their time and resources for the purpose of helping out on the societal problem of hunger. Conagra Brands is one of the deeply motivated companies to make a meaningful impact on the pervasive societal problem of hunger. A holistic approach is taken during these processes and which includes employee engagement, financial contributions, and product donations.

From the Pinnacle of food, Conagra has an approximately $5 billion worth of portfolio of frozen brands. Example of these brands are:

  • Bird’s eye
  • Healthy Choice
  • Marie Callender’s
  • Hungry-Man
  • Banquet
  • Alexia
  • Evol
  • Gardein

Conagra recognizes opportunities within frozen food meals in 3 huge demand pockets:

  • American comfort food
  • Modern wellness
  • International Cuisines.


This American company was formed by the merger of Kraft Foods and Heinz. Their headquarters is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and as one of the greatest frozen food companies, take their role in feeding consumers very seriously. They are the third largest food and beverage company in North America with $25.0 billion in annual sales as of 2019 and are a trusted producer of delicious foods that provides high quality, nutritious and flavorful foods for any occasions.

 They are unrelenting to their quest to transform the food industry and are committed to growing their brands on a global scale. One of their aims is to create a more sustainable, ethical impact to the world while helping to feed people in a healthy responsible way.

The company in itself is a multinational confectionery food and beverage conglomerate that marketed many brands (Boca burger, Gevalia coffee, Philadelphia cream cheese, planters, Oscar mayer, etc.) in more than 170 countries in which 12 of the brands earned more than $1 billion worldwide.

Mainly, they’re known as the largest producer of pickles, vinegar, and ketchup(catsup) in the United States. In the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the most important US corporation, Kraft Heinz ranked in number 114.

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